About m3commercials

m3commercials is a family run business. We have been in the motor industry for over 40 years, combining many different aspects – vehicle sales and garage services to vehicle breaking and recovery.

One of the growing sectors in the automotive industry, is selling to the trade buyer, as an easy alternative to selling privately.

This is fast becoming popular for many reasons. The used vehicle market is ever changing. In times of austerity it is wholly unpredictable. The market can shift from buyer to seller in an instant, leading to difficulties with pricing and delayed selling periods.

Many people now choose the trade buyer because of the safety that comes with selling to a recognised and accountable company.

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Why choose m3commercials

Save the hassle…

Selling a vehicle can be very stressful. This is intensified if you have limited knowledge of the subject.
With many pitfalls and dubious characters out there, selling a vehicle is hard going for the best of us.
By never forgetting the above, m3commercials offer a tailored service to best suit your needs, whether you are a motortrade veteran or a first time seller.

Safe selling environment…
Having complete strangers come to your home, or place of work, can be intimidating. Add the negotiations and possibility of large sums changing hands, the process is not without risk.

When dealing with m3commercials you can expect 4 things:-

Professionalism; We treat every person we deal with at the highest standard set by the company.

Courtesy; No purchase is the same and neither are the sellers. So no matter how many vehicles we buy, we endeavour to make your experience as stress-free and as pleasant as possible.

Transparency; We operate in an industry with its fair share of suspicion and mistrust. This is why we have made ourselves as see-through as possible in the way we do business. Accountabilty and knowing who you are dealing with is also vital.

Fairness; The people who choose and rely on us are assured of a fair deal. We operate with extensive knowledge and automotive software to accurately value all vehicles. The prices we pay will be similar to other trade buyers, except that we offer a multitude of extra services, like instant payments, free collections, taxi home service and no hidden fees!


Free your money…
The cost of selling privately can quickly mount up. Fortnightly re-advertising, continually meeting with potential buyers, routine maintenance, tax and insurance costs.
At m3commercials you can sell your vehicle stress free, safely and on the same day.
Payments are immediate, cleared in your bank account, ready to spend.

You can talk to us on 01276 942006